On This Day

Yesterday we celebrated our niece's birthday in the same way we have done for the last 10 years -- by going to a local fall festival.  It's always on the first Sunday of October, and for me, brings back so many memories of our TTC journey.  

2006 -- we had just started trying to conceive the month before by throwing out the BCPs.  I was so hopeful that by the next year I would be pregnant during this celebration.

2007 -- still trying...oh Clomid you are a nasty nasty drug...

2008 -- still trying...with a couple of IUIs thrown in for good measure...

2009 -- still trying...with a couple of IUIs and some good old Femara thrown in just for fun... 

2010 -- pregnant with a surprise BFP one week before.  Was so careful not to go on the hayrack ride or do anything too strenuous like holding one of our nieces.  Four days later I miscarried.  

2011 -- still trying...losing hope...

2012 --  PUPO -- five days post 5 day transfer of our only surviving embryo during our only IVF cycle. Praying for a miracle and holding onto hope.  

2013 -- E's first trip to the festival with us at almost 4 months old.  My heart is so full. 

2014 -- E's so much fun this year at the festival -- at 16 months old, she is walking, talking and charming everyone.  She has her auntie and nieces wrapped around her finger.  She loves the hay rack ride and petting the horses the most.  

2015 -- Our surprise baby boy (conceived without ART), A, turns 10 weeks old on the day of the festival.  Our family is complete.  My heart is exploding with love.  

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