Emotional Days Part Two

I'm still here.  Baby and I are both doing well.  Baby is growing, growing, growing and we got to see his heartbeat again on Thursday at 8 weeks 6 days.  It was beating away at 168 and a sound I will never grow tired of hearing.  In fact, I videotaped it as my husband wasn't able to be there, so I have it on my phone and listen to it at least once a day.  (funny story -- I asked the nurse at the RE's office if I could videotape when she turned the heartbeat on and she said yes, but that they don't leave it on the heartbeat sound very long because it drains the energy.  I thought "really -- cause I haven't paid you thousands of dollars over the last several years to help with your energy bill?")  Anyway, I have graduated onto my OB, who I will see the first week of December.

My absence from blogging has partially been because I am exhausted.  Like in bed at 8:30 every night exhausted.  Hubby thinks I may be the most boring person on earth and he is likely right!  Unfortunately, early bed time equals early waking time when I usually move to the couch for a little reading and then hopefully a bit more sleep.  I'm generally nauseous and hungry at the same time -- so very hungry.  No puking yet which I am thankful for, but will gladly take.

The other reason for my absence is that my grandmother, my last remaining grandparent and a woman I adored, recently died.  She had been in the hospital and on the day of my first ultrasound, when I called my parents to tell them the good news, found out that the decision had been made to move her to hospice (which I am very grateful for).  I'm not going to go into details, but this has been such an emotional 3 weeks -- both happy and sad and full of memories.  I will say she stayed true to herself and stubborn to the very end, and I am so grateful for the few moments I was able to spend with just her, when I was able to tell her I was pregnant.  By then she was not conscious, but in my heart, I believe she understood.

My grandma had 4 children, 10 grandchildren, 13 great grandchildren and 15 great great grandchildren.  My dad, who wrote the obituary, wanted to say she had 14 great grandchildren...how sweet is that.  The church was half filled with just family who traveled in from all over the US.  May we all be so blessed and lucky!

I am planning to get back to blogging more frequently now...and am excited to reveal my new pregnancy blog to you sometime in the next couple of weeks.  Sending love to all of you, wherever you are in your journey!


  1. I'm sorry for your loss, but glad that you and the baby are doing well. Don't feel bad for taking the time to rest when you need to! The first trimester is a time to slow down - your body may not give you a choice.

  2. I'm very sorry for your loss. I'm sure your grandma will be watching over you and baby. *hugs*

  3. I'm very, very happy to read that all is well with your pregnancy. It's quite a miracle to see that little embryo on screen and see (and hear) the heartbeat.
    I'm very sorry for your loss and I offer you my condolences. I trust so deeply that she did know you are pregnant and without being able to express it, she was probably overjoyed.
    Thinking of you.

  4. Glad to hear such good news about your pregnancy! I've been wondering how you've been. *hugs*

  5. So glad to hear that the pregnancy is going so well, although I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother. It's so sweet you could share your little secret with her in her final moments.

  6. I am so sorry about your grandmother. That just have been such a hard loss.

    And, I'm so glad that the pregnancy is moving forward so well! The exhaustion is an overwhelming thing, isn't it?

  7. So sorry about your grandmother. What a tough time you must be going through. But, I am so very happy that you and baby are doing well. The tiredness in the beginning is horrible, but it will get better, and it means your body is doing what it's supposed to! Thinking of you and hope you are able to enjoy your thanksgiving as much as possible...


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