Stings Like a Bee

I remember in junior high being stung by a bee for the first time.  It was after school and I felt something moving in my hair.  I ran my hand through my hair to see what was going on and quickly found it was a bee in my hair, an angry bee who stung my hand.  I had been in the process of buying a can of pop at the time so was able to hold onto that to take some of the burn of the sting away as I walked home.  It dulled the pain, but didn't take it away completely, and I continued to have a tender spot on my hand for several days.  

This past week, I found out someone very close to me is pregnant with her 3rd child.  Yes, I recently gave birth to my Little Miss, and am totally and completely in love with her and am so grateful for her.  But this news still stung like a bee.  The fact it happened so quickly and easily and that we are the same age and she will soon have 3 kids, still stung, and continues to sting even a few days later.  Yes, this announcement was easier than the one 3 years ago, when we were 4 years into our journey to have a child (and would shortly thereafter become pregnant and miscarry), but the scars of infertility, while somewhat faded, are still there.  


  1. I've heard from so many people who have tried for a child that they feel this way even after they have had their own. It's one of my worries of the future, that after I have a child that I'll forever get jealous when others have children. I hope the feelings will fade in time, and if they don't they remind you how blessed you are to have your little girl. People who get pregnant easily I don't think fully understand the blessing they have. *hugs*

  2. True story. I don't think the sting will ever go away for me either. However, I resolve.

    Crazy about your real bee story. The SAME EXACT thing happened to me about 10 years ago. It was the worse feeling hearing him buzzing around in my hair and not able to get out. I was afraid he was going to sting my head.


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