Happy Easter!

Like I said in my last post, I'm feeling strangely optimistic.  I have a small feeling deep down inside of me that I may even be pregnant now (even though my day 3 labs showed I probably wouldn't ovulate -- at least that's what my RE said, my naturopath said the numbers didn't indicate that). But oftentimes I feel that way just before AF shows up...so we'll just wait and see. I'm a bit afraid to believe it might be true, because I've been let down so many times in the past. 

Hubby and I had a great weekend with family.  I have felt really close to him this weekend.  I know IF and especially my reaction to it, along with my depression and anxiety, have taken a toll on our relationship.  But this weekend I feel like WE are strong. 

I went to church this morning with my MIL.  She is a wonderful person and the church she attends is very small and the church my husband grew up in.  We currently don't have a church home, so it was nice to go with her.  Before we got married, the ladies of the church threw us a shower...so just a congregation of really nice people.  Church should be a safe place for an infertile right?!?  We sat down and in comes a couple where the woman is REALLY pregnant and they sit right behind us.  Ends up it is a classmate of my hubby's and his wife, home visiting his parents.  Then as we were leaving, someone comes up to my MIL and says "there were 37 here today, but I am going to count 39 since there are two pregnant ladies".  Ends up another of my hubby's classmates is also pregnant.  Top it off with an unwed mother who has a 6 week old, and I wasn't feeling very safe.    I have to say that I prayed really hard today for God to give us our miracle baby...

I hope all of you had a blessed Easter filled with family, friend and even some Easter eggs filled with chocolate! 

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  1. Church is definitly not a safe place for an infertile, but so far I've found no where truly is. Just recently I was confused with someone else and was asked when my due date is... that hurt. Part of me wants everyone at the church to know we've been trying for a while, so that they don't ask such things and are praying for us. But at the same time... I don't really want them bringing things up, or walking on egg shells when they are around me.

    I definitly get the optimistic thing. Course I haven't felt optimistic about getting pregnant anytime real recently. I just feel everytime I get my hopes up... they come crashing down really hard, and I'm tired of that.


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