Advanced Maternal Age...and Other Random Thoughts

I had my first OB appointment today, and I was officially told I was of "advanced maternal age".  I knew it was coming, of course, being 37 and all, but it still stung a little.  Because of my "advanced maternal age" they had to offer me an amniocentesis or CVS (I think), which I politely declined.  There were several times I also heard "since you are over 35"...

The appointment went really well overall. I got to pee in a cup, have my breasts checked, have a pelvic exam and screening for a couple of STDs, answer a bazillion questions and heard what my schedule of appointments will be like for the next 6 months.  Oh, and I got to meet with one of their financial people to talk about costs and payments.  I was also presented with a reusable bag (seriously nice -- with a zipper) full of info from the two major hospitals in town (though they took the info on one of them out -- since I work at one of the hospitals, I will be delivering there), a BabiesRUs catalog, a list of OTC drugs I can take and much more.  To say the appointment was overwhelming would be an understatement.

I've lost 3 pounds since I was there a couple of weeks ago (I was afraid I had a yeast infection -- I didn't), even though I feel like I eat ALL.THE.TIME!  Best part -- the Doppler and hearing baby's heart beating at a lovely 166 bpm.  Next week we have our first trimester screening ultrasound and bloodwork and then won't have another ultrasound for about 8 weeks.  I've really gotten spoiled with the multiple ultrasounds from the REs office.

Other random things going on:

  • I have a lovely cold/cough thing going on.  I finally gave in and went to the walk-in clinic yesterday when I could barely get out of bed and was coughing so hard I was gagging.  I'm on antibiotics and the mend now. I'm not good at being sick.  I'm not good at being patient.  It's been a long week (just ask my husband)
  • Despite said cold, my smell sensor is working overtime.  I'm afraid of what it will be like when I can breathe again.  Tonight my husband made himself something for dinner and I seriously considered leaving the room.  I thought I was getting over the nausea thing, but tonight it came back with a vengeance.  I actually told my husband I wanted to puke just to feel better. 
  • We joke that we haven't told our cat yet that he is going to be a "big brother".  This weekend we had friends over and I was cuddled up on the couch with their 5 week old son on my chest/tummy.  The cat sat on the coffee table and GLARED at me, and then climbed on the back of the couch -- something he doesn't normally do -- and laid there glaring at me.  This could be interesting.  
  • This past week marked the 6 year mark of when I took my last birth control pill.  Six years on this journey has changed who I am today.  Infertility will ALWAYS be a part of me in both good and bad ways.  I think what I miss the most is my innocence with this pregnancy.  I worry about every little thing, and rejoice in every milestone passed (I actually wondered this past week -- and yes, I googled it -- if I could kill my baby by coughing so much).  Seriously -- some days I think I should be put in a padded room.  
On that note, I'm calling it a night.  


  1. Hahaha, a padded room. Not yet my dear! I'm so glad your appointment went well, even though it was overwhelming.

    And you cracked me up with that little story about your cat glaring at you. I've got 2 burmese cats (a VERY people oriented breed), and we are worried about their reaction to my pregnancy, let alone the baby when it's born! These cats push each other out of the way to try to claim my lap... and soon I won't have much of a lap. Haha, should be interesting.

  2. You know, age is all in the mind of the beholder. I'm 35 and my OB was really sweet and told me that I'm still young. I was expecting to hear things like you heard. I say screw 'em! You're as young as you think and feel that you are! I hope your cough gets better soon!

  3. Sorry your appointment was so overwhelming, but happy to hear only good news! Except those annoying advanced age comments. If they felt the need to say it once, fine, but they should have quit there. I hope they won't mention it much more. If everything looks good, it looks good, your age shouldn't be any issue.

    I hope big brother cat won't be too jealous of little baby! And if he is.... he'll get over it. lol

    Hope your icky cold goes away soon! If I was in your shoes I probably would have googled the coughing thing too. I already worry about everything, I wouldn't want to worry about that too. *hugs* You're going to make it through this!!

  4. Yeah, advanced maternal age sucks. BUT, it does bring with it doctors who are more diligent about checking up on various thing and risks with you. So, I think that's good. And, yeah, they do seem to say it every single appointment... Which gets annoying.

    Hope you're feeling better soon! Colds suck in the best of times...

  5. I've wondered the same thing lately during my 2ww - will sneezing keep the embryos from being able to attach? I know it's irrational, but I can't help thinking along those lines sometimes!

    Congrats on your pregnancy!


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