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Sorry for this TMI...but has anyone else out there had a yeast infection during earlier pregnancy?  I was on an antibiotic last week for a cold, and so I'm pretty confident that is what this is.  I generally don't like the thought of taking meds, and especially am not a big fan during pregnancy (it took a week of being miserable, getting better and then worse, and my husband's urging to finally go on antibiotics).

I'm looking for some natural relief or things that have worked for others, but are safe during pregnancy.  So far I have done the apple cider vinegar bath thing (and even drank some diluted in water) and have gotten some relief (probably need to do for a few more days).  But I am open to other suggestions.


I gave in and called my doctor's office this morning and they suggested I use Monistat, which I will do, but I am also going to continue to do the apple cider vinegar baths and probiotics and hope that I don't have to do a full 7 days of the Monistat.  She assured me that there is no potential harm to the baby, so that makes me feel better.  I still hate the thought of taking the meds, but am pretty miserable with itching, so will give it a whirl.  I did ask about bacterial vaginosis, as I've had that within the last year, but she said my symptoms really sound yeast related.  I would have liked to go in for a test just to make sure, but at the same time, don't want to go in if not necessary.  I feel like I am the hypochondriac patient.  At least I have my screening ultrasound on Thursday, so if things aren't better by then, I can get it checked out in person.  


  1. hmmm I wish I could help you, but I have had no experience with that in my pregnancy so far.

  2. I've had yeast infections while NOT pregnant and usually treat them with acidophilus capsules, but you'll want to check to see if they're ok to take during pregnancy. Some women also create a pure yogurt/acidophilus mixture and use it as a suppository, but again, I don't know if that's something you want to do while pregnant.

    Wish I could be more help. :(

  3. I had symptoms of a yeast infection in the first trimester. My doctor recommended using the over the counter meds. I tried that and it didn't work. My doctor did a swab and it turned out to be bacterial vaginosis. I would really recommend you talk to your OB or midwife or family doc about what to do next.

    1. Thanks for the advice -- I did call. And as expected, it is likely a yeast infection (though I asked about bv as I've had that in the past year). But from everything I've googled, the symptoms really are yeast infection like. In the past when I've had bv, I haven't really had any symptoms at all.

    2. You can call me the hypochondriac :)
      Hope you feel better soon.


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