The Dreaded Question

Monday I realized I was getting a bladder infection.  By Monday evening, it hit full on and I knew it was going to be a long night if I didn't do something about it, so I hit a walk in clinic.  I gave my sample and settled into the room waiting for the results to come in.  The PA (and his student) both examined me...then more waiting.  Never did the dreaded question come up, so I got cocky and thought maybe I'd get through this appointment without hearing it.  Finally they walk in and the PA confirms a bladder infection and gives me a prescriptiion for Cipro.  Then, as I'm about to walk out he asks the question...

wait for it...

"You're not pregnant or trying to get pregnant are you?"

So, I delve into my normal response...

"I'm not that I know of, but I could be." 

So begins the strange looks and more questions. 

"Are you actively trying?  Do you have reason to believe you are pregnant?" 

So I fumble over my words multiple times  "Well I'm not pregnant RIGHT now, but I could be in the proceess of getting pregnant.  I ovulated this weekend, so it is possible."  (in my mind I'm wondering why I even brought it up as the likelihood is so small -- but a girl can hope right?)

"So you ARE actively trying?"

"Yep."  (in my mind I'm thinking "don't even get me started.")

So the prescription gets ripped up and a new safe for pregnancy antibiotic is prescribed.  (and I'm so thankful I will likely never see these two people ever again after fumbling over my words  and looking like a fool)

I then go to a local big box store to get it filled as my normal pharmacy is closed.  And I swear that EVERY pregnant woman in a 15 mile radius is there -- as if to toy with me and my emotions, while it took over a half hour to fill the dang prescription.  Never mind the physical discomfort I was in...the emotional discomfort was much worse. 

All in a Monday night...


  1. Ugh, what a crappy Monday! I'm so sorry you have a uti, at least you caught it before it festered into a kidney infection. I hate the dreaded are you trying question, they always look at me weird. It's like they've never seen an infertile before, lol. I hope you are feeling better by now and that you get your bfp in a week!

  2. Thanks! I am feeling much better -- caught it before it got too bad. Sometimes I wonder why I bother even trying to answer that question with anything but a "no, not pregnant". I'm a gluton for punishment I guess! Have a great weekend!

  3. I have gotten so many UTIs! I've found that guzzling cranberry juice and taking echinacea is a fairly good cure for them. Unfortunatly I have now read echinacea is bad for fertility. Boo! I already have a plan for next time I have a UTI. Cranberry pills! I saw some at the store the other day, maybe it'd cure it even faster! I don't like going to the doctor... When I was younger I would go for every little thing, but they would always tell me I was healthy and fine. So.. I quit going.

    Anyways... Maybe cranberry pills will help you get over your next UTI and you will better be able to avoid the question? I dunno...


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