I miss my "baby" so much.  Should she have been born on her due date, she would be 3 months old tomorrow and I would just be returning to work.  (I sensed and dreamed the baby was a girl while pregnant for those precious 7 weeks).

I wear a necklace I bought on Etsy that has a butterfly charm and an emerald stone to always remember my baby in heaven and her official due date month.  Tonight I was out to eat with a friend and the waitress asked me if the emerald was my birthstone.  Just another reminder of what could have/should have been. 


  1. (Hugs) I am so sorry you aren't celebrating her 3 month birthday and the joys that should go with it. I can't even imagine how painful it must be for you, but I love the idea of remembering her with that sweet necklace. I hope you get your rainbow soon=)

  2. Many ((hugs)). I know the feeling.


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