I'm titling this week "JJ and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad mood".  It's bad, truly.  I'm weepy, angry, grumpy, irritable, and so on.  

Because of this, I have borrowed the inspiration for this post from Loribeth at The Road Less Travelled.
Current Book(s) -- I have to do a presentation on Sunday for a group I volunteer with, so I am currently brushing up on "Strengths Based Leadership".  Otherwise, I just finished "My Name is Mary Sutter" for my book club at work.  I generally don't get into historical fiction, but this one was really good. 

Current Playlist -- I listen a lot to just the radio in the car.  Right now I really like "Somebody that I Used to Know".  I know it's a pretty negative/depressing song, but I find it really catchy.  I especially like this version.  Another song I've loved for a long time is "Blessings".  

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure -- Trashy magazines.  I bought several about the Katie/Tom fiasco.  (I can't believe I just admitted that!)  

Current Color -- For house stuff I'm really liking the yellow and gray combo.  Otherwise, purple is my general standby for everything else. 

Current Drink -- Huberts Mango Lemonade.  Trying to give up soda (again), and trying to push more water.  Wish me luck.  

Current Food -- Trader Joe's Caribbean Flo Joes (popsicles).  Lots of real fruit chunks in a yummy popsicle.  I seriously buy 4 or 5 boxes every time I go to TJs.

Current Favorite Show -- What Not to Wear

Current Wishlist -- Pregnancy with a take home baby 

Current Needs -- to spend time with my brother (he lives many states away and it has now been two years since I have seen him). Unfortunately plane tickets are running around $700.

Current Triumphs -- Last week I got to catch up with 4 friends I hadn't seen in over a year (not all together).  Sadly, just getting out of bed this week seems to be a pretty big triumph.   

Current Bane of my Existence -- Current bad/negative mood -- much of this comes from my upcoming birthday, which means another year is passing without a pregnancy or baby.  Also the frustration of not knowing what our next steps are/aren't.

Current Celebrity Crush -- Seriously can't think of one.

Current Indulgence -- Way too much time on Pinterest!

Current #1 Blessing -- Amazing family.  Having a 2 year-old goddaughter who asks for me everyday.   

Current Slang or Saying --  "What do you do?" (not as in what do you do for a career, but as in, in this situation, what else is there to do?"

Current Outfit -- Rocking the business casual at work, and shorts and tees at home.  It's just too darn hot to try to be too cute.  

Current Excitement -- My niece is home from overseas where she is a teacher.   

Current Mood -- See above. 


  1. (Hugs) Bless your heart, one of those days/weeks huh? I love indulging in those trashy magazines, lol. I also liked reading about the whole Rob/Kristen breakup, lol. Awful huh? Music helps, as does reading on days that are harder than others. I hope things start to get better, and easier soon. Know I'm thinking of you and wishing you the best as always=)

  2. thinking of you dear woman. These are hard days, and I'm glad there are some lovely moments with friends and your goddaughter.

  3. Hoping your mood is improved. Birthdays are particularly hard in this journey. Hugs.


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