What is it about THIS movie?

So I'm flipping through channels tonight to see what is on (I'm at home with yet ANOTHER urinary tract infection -- ugh!).

And I find this and turn to the channel...

What is it about this movie that draws me in every time I see it on?  It's like an infertile's worst nightmare -- pregnant teenager (who gets pregnant with the first sexual encounter), an infertile couple dying to be parents (though obviously not on the same page).

It's this character and the desperation I can see in her face and hear in her voice.  This character could be me.

So I'll do what I do everytime I turn this on -- continue watching with a box of kleenex nearby.  I'm up for a good cry today anyway.

**interestingly enough, this movie came out about the time we were starting on TTC journey.  My view of it has changed greatly over the last 5 years.


  1. Found this on tonight as well when channel surfing...watched the opening scene and changed it quickly. We saw it when it first got on cable long before our days of TTC.

  2. I also have a very strong emotional reaction to this movie. I just find it beautiful (and painful at times).

  3. Saw this in the theater having NO idea what it was about....my neighbor thought it would be fun to catch a movie together. I balled through the whole thing...she probably thought I was nuts.

  4. Thank you for welcoming me back!

    I find this movie hard to watch. Sometimes I catch it on tv and get drawn in, forgetting my story, until it hits me and I cringe. My Netflix queue is full of action movies, mysteries, documentaries and thrillers...not a baby story in sight!

  5. JUNO is my glue movie, I don't know what about it but it GLUES me to it, everytime I see it on TV. But this movie makes me ball too.


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