A Hoax and a Book

Like many in blog-land, I was  disappointed to find out that the story I linked to in my last post (Courtney) was all a hoax and her blog has been removed.  I had even read  how people were saying it was a hoax in their comments, and thought, "seriously, noone would do that".  I was actually annoyed at those who were saying it was a hoax because they were talking about her dates not adding up and thought "really, she is going through this pain and someone is looking so thoroughly at her dates to figure out if it is possible or not."    Well, apparently the story and the blog were made up, and while I'm annoyed that her story provoked so many negative emotions in me unnecessarily, mostly I'm sad for her and that she had to make this up.  I think we all know that IF, losing a child (whether born or unborn), and the whole process of trying to conceive is hard, full of emotions, and frankly, unfair.  I truly hope she gets the help she needs.

Last week hubby and I had another counseling appointment, and we are making progress slowly, I think.(I, of course, want things to happen quickly, and have to realize this isn't going to be the case -- you would think I would have learned patience on this fertility journey)  I then headed out of town for 2.5 days, which was much needed after a week from complete hell at work.  The trip was great, relaxing, and way too short.  I'll write more about the trip in an upcoming post.

I've been doing a lot of reading so far this year, averaging at least 1-2 books per month.  For the trip, I picked up one I had been eying for awhile...Escape by Barbara Delinsky.

It was a good book -- and fitting for what is going on in my life right now and the fact that last week I really was trying to escape.  However, I was annoyed by a secondary storyline, which was predictable and a total cliche.  --don't read any further if you don't want to know how one of the storylines comes out --  The main character, Emily, and her husband are having a hard time conceiving and are just about to start medications, when Emily escapes her real life and goes to a place of her past to sort through some things and relax.  About 2 weeks into her escape, her husband finds her, shows up for a brief interlude, and then leaves again.  And boom, 2 weeks later, she realizes she is late and takes a pregnancy test.  Of course it is positive, simply because she "relaxed".  I saw that one coming from the moment she said at the beginning of the book that they were trying and she was disappointed that she had just gotten her period.

Well if it were that simple, I would  have just RELAXED  years ago.  I'd probably have 2 or 3 children by now if I had...

I know that truly does work for some, and I'm a true believer that stress plays a role in fertility.  If I didn't, I wouldn't try to manage my own type a personality with massage, acupuncture and an occasional yoga session.  

Overall, it was a good book, and I would recommend it.  Just know that the fertility storyline does sting a little bit, even if you see it coming.  


  1. Ahhhh! That story line drives me crazy. Has that ever worked in real life? In dreams, stories and the minds of fertile women, maybe - but not real life.

  2. Oh I hate books like that, good for you for continuing to read even when you saw it coming a mile away. I just hate how they make it seem like such an easy happily ever after, ugh. I wondered about the link to the site you mentioned, I never got it to work. That is awful that people have to make stories up like that. I'm glad the counseling sessions are going well, and I totally understand the feeling of wanting things to progress more quickly. Hopefully the mantra of "slow and steady wins the race" will ring true for you and Dh (hugs). I'm glad your mini getaway helped and you had your "me" time, it was well deserved=) Enjoy your week!

  3. Your blog is one of the few I read. I followed the link to "courtney"'s story- and I was suspicious. I'm a physician and some of the medical stuff regarding the car accident didn't add up (but the only people who would pick up on it are trained physicians- little details regarding NICU/trauma care). I felt awful for doubting her... until I read this post and I honestly feel better.

    Then, I got an email regarding a student at my alma mater med school- who somehow has been devising a huge cancer hoax that was a yahoo headline recently. So confusing... so discouraging.


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