This One Gave Me the Chills Too...

About a week ago, I posted about Maria and her husband T and their amazing adoption story.  It gave me the chills to read.

Today, I read another blog that's ending gave me the chills.  I just recently started following Heather (found her on Lost and Found and Connections Abound).  She and her husband had just decided to end their TTC journey and move on to a child-free life after many years of infertility treatments.  Anyway, after a relaxing vacation, she got a natural BFP!!!

These stories give me such hope and make me so happy for Heather and Maria.  What joy they must be feeling right now.

These things also generally happen in threes -- so who is next?

I think I mentioned previously that I am having a rough time at work right now.  Some of it has to do with TTC, some of it doesn't.  I keep our TTC journey and all that goes with it pretty private at the office.  Friday I walked into my office to find this sitting on my desk:

I had given this to a co-worker because he just passed a big certification exam and I thought he should feel like Superman.  He couldn't have chosen a better time than to leave this for me (with the added note) -- it's exactly what I needed.


  1. We all need a superhero to rescue us :). Hope yours does the trick!

  2. Glad you have found a chance to look on the bright side of a difficult time. I never try to say I understand someone else's journey, but my heart goes out to you. Keep your hope alive, and do everything you can. At the end, when it is tough, that is all we can control.

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