First Casualty

My daily schedule changes on a regular basis.  I don't have a normal 8 - 5 type of job.  Most days I get to work at 7:30, so I decided I would give my morning injection (stims) at 7 a.m figuring that would be about the time I was leaving the house.  As fate would have it, I've had several morning meetings this week (unexpectedly).  Tuesday I gave the injection to myself in my office.  Today I gave it to myself in the car (parked of course).  There was a small casualty though.  As I was injecting using the Folli.stim pen, it slipped out of my fingers and was hanging from my tummy. Instant bleeding and bruise, which, as the day has progressed has turned into a bump and deep purple bruise.  It is truly impressive.  Luckily, I was able to regain my composure and stick myself again to deliver the meds.

Tomorrow I have a meeting at 6:45, so I guess I'll have to excuse myself to the bathroom and come back.  Oh adventures!  

Friday is my first monitoring appointment.  Please, if you are willing, please say a prayer and/or send good thoughts my way.  I definitely feel action happening in the belly area and last night my jeans felt tight already.  I hope that is good news.  

I'm feeling pretty good actually, other than the sore belly, which I planned for.  My emotions so far have been stable, which was my biggest concern (I think it was hubby's biggest concern/fear as well). I've had a slight headache off and on, but it is harvest time (and we live by a field) so it could be from that too.  I'm super tired -- feel like hibernating -- or at least taking a nap by mid-afternoon.  Not sure if that is the drugs, the cooler weather, the dark mornings, a crazy work schedule or something else.  I simply cannot wait for the weekend!  I actually feel better on the stims than I did on the antibiotics!  

I've been a horrible commenter lately.  I'm reading your blogs, just having a hard time commenting through blogger.  I intend to also catch up on that this weekend.  


  1. you can count on my positive thoughts coming your way tomorrow morning. I am hoping for lots of lovely follies.

  2. Seems like you have a little war wound. I'm saying a little prayer for a good monitoring appointment tomorrow. And if you can take Tylenol for the headaches. I remember I was scared to but it is safe. I just double checked with my doctor to make sure.

  3. Lots of good thoughts heading your way for your appointment tomorrow. Go, eggies, go!

  4. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way!

    During my IVF cycle, I was working late nights writing a grant application with some colleagues. Every night I had to excuse myself to head to the bathroom to shoot up. I kept expecting someone to walk in on me. It was a weird experience but now I smile whenever I use that restroom!

  5. Ouch, sorry about the follistim injection, I think it happens at least once to everyone. You live and your learn=) Good luck at your next appointment!

  6. Oooooo so sorry about that injection. I am sure that it hurt like hell. So sorry. WIll be sending you lots and lots of thoughts tomorrow. Can't wait to hear about it!!

  7. I did not anticipate having to give myself shots from anywhere other than the comfort of my own home. So it took me by surprise how often I've had to do it in my car before or after a morning u/s appointment. Thankfully, I haven't had to sneak away to the bathroom at work for a shot but I'm not done with this TTC thing yet. So it may still happen.


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