Still Growing...Still Injecting

Went in for another ultrasound and lab work this morning.  Things are progressing and more eggs sacs are showing themselves.  I did not get a call to tell me to change my protocol (based on estrogen levels) so we will assume all is well and keep on keeping on.  I go back in the morning for another check.  At this point I am guessing retrieval will be Thursday or Friday and I am optimistic for 8 - 12 eggs.

Right before I got called back for the ultrasound, someone who works for the same organization as me walked into the waiting room.  Then as I left the lab, someone I know quite well from a volunteer board we serve on was in the waiting room.  Can we say awkward?  I mean, really, what do you say in a situation like that?  Hi?  Oh are you here for monitoring?  An IUI?  What are you doing the rest of the day? Nice weather isn't it?  I stuck with the basic 'hi" and headed out the door.  We are a pretty big metro city, and there is only one fertility clinic with 2 docs, so I guess it is bound to happen.

I've got a pretty bad headache today and am generally just feeling down.  I'm sure it is because of the unknowns -- how many eggs will be retrieved?  How many will fertilize?  Will any of them make it to day 5?

Wishing you all a great week!


  1. Hi from ICLW...grow follies grow!!!

  2. The drugs will do that to you...I remember when I was on the drug lupron before I started gonal f and I was miserable!! It will get better, and you're getting so close!!! Focus on the end result :)

  3. Yuck - I have been a chronic headache sufferer since I was in grade school. I've finally had a break since starting IVF...and cutting out caffeine. I had no idea it was the caffeine that was causing me to suffer so much. Hope you're feeling better!

  4. Great news so far! Hope everything continues to grow grow grow! Don't forget to update us before retrieval! :)

  5. sounds like things are progressing well for this cycle. I'm so pleased to read that, lovely! Can't wait to read updates.
    Thinking fertile thoughts and sending much hope and warm thoughts your way.

  6. So happy to meet you tonight! I have you in my thoughts through hopefully what is a great week and a hugely successful retrieval! -Carrie


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