I Survived!

The first day of injections that is.  I gave myself Folli.stim this morning (piece of cake) and Rep.ronex  tonight (a bit more intimidating due to the mixing involved).  I had no hesitation poking myself and though the Rep.ronex burned quite a bit, it was really pretty simple.

One day down...9-11 to go!

Tomorrow and Wednesday I have to go to work early, so the Follistim pen will come with me.  A new adventure.

I think I can already feel activity in my ovary area...is that weird...is it too early?


  1. Well done for getting through the first day, hopefully it will only get easier.

  2. YEAH! You're a pro already. Look at you, taking your show on the road. That's amazing (I think when I was first doing injections, I would arrange my entire schedule around the home injections).
    I'm thinking happy, fertile, follie-filled ovaries. This is exciting!

  3. I swear I felt activity after my very first shot too. I had a bachelorette party to go to after it and I instantly felt bloated with a horrible headache. Make you sure you stay hydrated. You seem like an old pro already. Good luck!

  4. Yay, they get easier I promise, although even up until my last injection I would always pause for a second and think I can't believe I am stabbing myself!! Good luck the rest of the week...

  5. Way to go! Glad your first injections went well. :)

  6. Congrats on starting stims. I didn't find the sq injections too bad. Hopefully you don't get any side effects.


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