Five Guilty Pleasures

Okay, today has been a better day, but I'm just gonna say that the sun better come out soon because it has been 4 full days without it and I'm starting to go a bit crazy...

Also, my period is driving me nuts -- and -- sorry if this is TMI -- but the last two months it has been different than in the past (crampy, lots of clots, heavier than normal).  I'm thinking about calling my RE tomorrow to see if I should maybe have an ultrasound just to make sure there isn't anything funky going on inside.  Especially since we will hopefully start up on IUIs again in the new year. 

Ok...on to the blog challenge...

Today's blog challenge question is:
Day 13 - List 5 guilty pleasures.
1.  Massages every 2 weeks.  I found someone who is quite inexpensive and very awesome.  I buy packages from her, so it equals out to be about $30 per 1 hour massage.  I carry a lot of my stress (and other people's too) in my shoulders, neck and back, so this is a guilty pleasure that is also really a necessity for my well being. 
2.  Going to a nice salon once every 2 months.  Yep, I could certainly get my haircut cheaper elsewhere, but love my stylist and so it's a treat...oh and since I've been aging (dammit), I've had to add in a color every now and then. 
3.  Eating out.  Hubby and I do it probably way too much, but we are both very busy, so sometimes it is just hard to cook at home (or we are too tired).  This is how we socialize.  I eat out lunch a lot because it is when I get together with old co-workers or network (and I'm not particularly fond of leftovers -- luckily hubby is).  In the evenings we go out a lot with friends and/or family.  I'm trying to get better about planning out meals and we'll eat at home more in the winter. 
4.  Magazines...love them...whether they are subscriptions I get (Natural Health, Fitness, Health), cooking (Eating Well) and/or smut (People, US Weekly), there's nothing I love more in the winter than taking a nice hot bath with a magazine in hand.
5.  Naps -- enough said. 

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