Sometimes I Wonder Why I Even Log Into Facebook

Everytime I read something that makes me upset on Facebook, I swear I am not going back for a long time, which lasts a few days at the most. Probably the one thing that bugs me the most is when parents complain about their kids.   

Yesterday, as we were driving from one family event to another, I was just reading all of the nice Merry Christmas postings on Facebook when I was blindsided by this one: 
"_________'s  present to us was to wake up at 4am and then be a
righteous lil' butthole for the rest of the morning. Merry Christmas y'all!"
This was from my cousin, who's son just turned 3 and is apparently a righteous lil' butthole.  This would be my cousin who got his girlfriend pregnant but doesn't want to marry her because he doesn't believe in marriage. 

Let's just say hubby had to talk me down from the ledge on this one.  I will see said cousin tonight at a family gathering and it may take all I have to not say something to him.  I really wanted to comment and say "you should really be thankful for what you have".(and maybe I still will)  I get it. I do.  Kids can be pains sometimes.  But really, it's Christmas morning and he was probably just excited about the build-up of Santa coming to visit. Honestly, it's probably the first year he really "gets" the whole Santa thing.   I've read lots of posts where kids got their parents up way before daylight because Santa had visited their house.  But calling your kid a righteous lil' butthole is just not appropriate at any time or place, and especially on a public forum like Facebook. 

While I would like to say that when I do get pregnant and when I do have a child, I won't complain about anything, because those complaints hit me so deep to the core right now, but I know that is not realistic.  The truth is I will complain and moan sometimes, but I know that I will find much more joy in pregnancy and parenthood than frustration and pain. 

I hope you had a wonderful holiday.  We did.  I had a meltdown in the car on the way to the in-laws on Thursday night, and really thought I might spend the weekend curled up in our hotel room (where all of our extended family was gathering) throwing a little pity party for myself, but having our two nieces and lots of other family around was really good for me.  And I may have drank a little (or a lot) which helped mask the pain a bit.  Last night as we were leaving some family, I gave a hug to my grandmother-in-law and she leaned into me and said "do you have any news to share with me?"  Yep, pretty much ripped my heart open again.  I replied with "no, wish I did, but I don't" to which my mother-in-law gave me the saddest look I think I have ever seen. 

I'm looking forward to another day off of work today.  The weekend has gone by way too fast.  I'm certainly not ready to return to work on Tuesday.  We have some friends coming at the end of the week to celebrate new years with us and I am anticipating a pregnancy announcement (2nd child).  I may need a lot more alcohol...


  1. It's horrible that people say such nasty things about their children! Yeah I'm sure when(if) I have kids I'll complain here and there... But come on! She coulda said something like "_____ was a bit too excited this morning and woke us up at 4AM!!!". I dunno... But there was sure a nicer way that coulda been worded.

    When I think about children... and all the complaints people give... And all the reasons I get told it's a blessing/good thing/whatever that we don't have any yet... GAH! Doesn't anyone understand that the good things far exceed the bad???

    Anyways.... *hugs* I hope work went well for you today. And that you will make it through the rest of this week. Holidays will be over soon.

  2. Wow. A righteous little butthole? That's a new one. No one says it's easy to be woken up at 4 am, but your kid is just excited. And, it's probably your own fault for building up Christmas so much. It's one damn day a year -- appreciate the excitement you get to have!

    It's one thing to complain goodnaturedly and another to bitch. That was bitching.

    I hope this week has been OK and I wish you an easy new years eve.


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